Chevy Optera Turned Eleanor Shelby Ford Mustang


by Amie Williams
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Sometimes conversions work and sometimes they just don't work at all. This one falls a little short, but their intentions were good. First of all, mixing Ford and Chevy together is somewhat blasphemy, but that didn't stop this Indian mash up including a Chevy Optera meeeting the drool-worthy Eleanor, the iconic Shelby GT500 featured in Gone in 60 Seconds. 

However, the "reasonably priced" Optera lucked out with a nice makeover, but Shelby Mustang lovers may cringe. This Chevy is still rockin' the 1.8-L complete with 120 horses. I'm not sure Nic Cage would have made it as far with this one. He did however spice up his daily driver. It's a bit off when it comes to being in proportion but we've seen worse, much worse. Remember the S-197 V6 with Lotus Elise headlights and '80s vertical Caddy tail lights? Much worse, right? 

At least this guy was trying to hide his small Chevy under a Ford body. He can't hide the lack of power, though. If someone who is dumb enough to think this is a real Shelby and gun it for a race, well, their ego may well up after beating an Optera and it's ridiculous high 120 horses.

You know the guys at Top Gear have named this the "Most Reasonably Priced" car. That's cute and all, but it will take you a bit longer to get from Point A to Point B. Props to this guy for trying, though. Not a lot of people have the money or skills to transform their daily driver into something just a little bit cooler. Well, at least different.



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