Steve Morris Engineering Put 3000hp in a Mach 1 Mustang



Marcus Slater
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No one is going to dispute the cool factor of the original Mustang. Not only did it create an entire new category of sports car for people to argue about, but it produced some of the most powerful and best performing coupes of the generation. Of course, that was then.

Enter Steve Morris Engineering. They build motors and sell parts, but what we're here for is their latest car. A 3000 hp, street going fastback Mustang. By any measure, 3000 hp is a completely insane number. For reference, that's about the amount of power that a diesel locomotive makes. Now, there are a lot of cars dedicated to drag racing that make power like this. What's impressive is how clean they've kept this Mach 1. It's almost a sleeper.

Well, with the exception of the chutes on the back. And those mile-wide slicks. And the exhaust being routed through the cabin. Oh, and also the drag spoiler. 

Right. So maybe its not a sleeper, but it's still incredibly cool.

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