The SN95 Mustang is still a capable platform that makes for a stylish and quick first car or a strong base for a project car. After the facelift of the 1999 model year, the SN95 really looked the part of a serious performance car. The best part is there are tons of these cars floating around the used car market just waiting for enthusiasts to get their hands on them. Getting a used Mustang is

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After 15 years of the incredibly famous Fox Body Ford Mustang, some enthusiasts were happy to hear about an intended redesign, the 4th full redesign of the model's existence. The Fox Body Mustang brought the model line back up from near ruin, caused by the 4 cylinder, low performance Mustang II, and emissions standards that hurt the performance of the classic Mustangs. Though some hoped for a redesign through several years of the Fox Body,

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