How To Remove a Ford Mustang Hood and Bumper


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If you're planning on making revisions or add-ons to your Ford Mustang exterior, you'll find that many of these procedures are made much easier when you've removed the hood and/or the bumper of the car first. Removing one or both of these items gives you added room in which to work and increased flexibility. It also prevents the car from being scratched or damaged during the process as well. Read on for a step by step guide on how to remove the hood and the bumper of a Ford Mustang.

Step 1 -- Remove the Hood Bolts

Locate the two bolts that connect the hood to the rest of the car at the hinge. You'll find one on each side of the hood. Remove the top bolt from each hinge using a wrench.

Step 2 -- With Assistance, Remove the Second Bolt

Have someone else hold each side of the hood up while you remove the second bolt. Take the bolt out of the hinge carefully and be sure to catch the hinge as it slides away from the hood. The other people holding the hood will have to also be careful that the hood doesn't scrape the rest of the car or come into contact with any parts of the engine.

Step 3 -- Remove the Prop Rod and the Hood

Finally, you can remove the prop rod that attaches the hood to the remainder of the car. Gently lift the hood up over the top part of the car and set it down in a safe location. Keep the bolts and hinges along with the hood for reattachment.

Step 4 -- Clean Off the Grille

Before you can remove the bumper of the car, it's important to detach any parts of the grille from the remainder of the car first. Open up the hood of the car, if you haven't yet removed it, and carefully detach any wires that are connecting the engine to the grille or the bumper. Make sure that the vehicle is powered off first.

Step 5 -- Remove the Bumper Bolts

Underneath the bumper of the car, you'll find four distinct bolts that attach the bumper to the remaining part of the car frame. Use a wrench to carefully remove these bolts and set them aside. It's helpful to have a second person to spot you and hold the bumper in place as you do this.

Step 6 -- Remove the Bumper

Gently pull the bumper away from the vehicle and lift it off of the frame of the car. Set the bumper and the bolts aside separately in a safe place for reattachment. Do not bend the bumper with too much pressure as you pull it off from the vehicle to separate it, as this could cause damage to the bumper.

If you have any questions or concerns about this procedure, speak with a mechanic or a professional for some additional help.



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