Which Wax To Use on your Mustang


You're a collector of the Ford Mustang and you have one or two from each era. All of them have original paint and you're not sure what type of wax to use on which cars. You've been into the auto parts store and the people there aren't much help and the guys at the body shop want to sell you some expensive, professional wax that requires an expensive buffer to coat and buff.

Spray Waxes

Spray waxes are great for use on newer cars with new paint This type of wax product offers great protection and will allow you to wax your newer Ford Mustang in about fifteen minutes. As stated, this type of wax is great for the newer car because the paint hasn't had a chance to oxidize or be damaged by the sun or smog yet.

Paste Waxes

Paste waxes take a little longer and are better for older paint jobs that require a little more care and attention to maintain their beauty and shine. The added protection of the paste type wax is needed by the paint on your older Ford Mustang because that paint has been exposed to the harmful effects of the sun and smog for much longer.

Liquid Waxes

This type of wax product is great when you need to do a quick touchup job on cleaning the car and applying a wax coat for added protection in a short amount of time. Be advised this type of wax product doesn't take the place of a thorough wash job with a car that's just driven through mud or slush. You're going to have to drag out the bucket, the cleaner, mitt and chamois when that happens.

Synthetic Waxes

This type of wax is mutli-purpose. Unlock traditional paste and liquid waxes, with a synthetic wax you don't have to be ultra careful when applying or removing the wax around plastic or rubber parts of the car, as it won't leave that milky residue the other kinds will.


All of these types of wax products are available from Turtle Wax and Meguiar's. Turtle Wax is a much older brand, but Meguiar's has become the hands down favorite among car aficionados and collectors.

It's important to remember that when applying any kind of wax, you should do so out of the direct sunlight and in temperatures below 90 degrees whenever possible.



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