How To: 2005-2010 Ford Mustang Step by Step Oil Change


Parts needed:

1 x 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010 V8 Ford Mustang GT

6 quarts of 5w20 oil

1 x oil filter (Royal Purple part # 20-820)

1 x jack, rated at least at 1ton

2 x jack stands, rated at least 1ton

1 x oil filter wrench

1 x breaker bar

1 x 5/8" socket

1 x oil drain pan

2 x wheel chocks

1 x brass oil crush washer

Old rags

Paper towel

Safety glasses



Sliding trolley

4 x Plastic bags


1.       Let engine run till it is warm (go down to the store and back) - this lets the oil get hot and makes the procedure much quicker.


2.     Park vehicle on flat, level surface.

3.       Place vehicle handbrake on

4.       Place vehicle in Park, or 1st gear for a manual.


5.       Lift hood of vehicle.


6.       Place wheel chocks, one in front of a rear wheel and one behind the same rear wheel (Ford F350 diesel clutch used for chock in photo) DSC_7238.JPG

7.       Place jack underneath vehicle at a jacking point.

Please note: lift vehicle at black metal cross member.


8.     Place jack stand underneath vehicle in maximum extended position (but not over extended where the top neck of the jack is not held in the bottom cradle)


9.       SLOWLY lower jack - lower it rotating the screw marked.

Text Box: Lowering screw DSC_7243.JPG   DSC_7242.JPG

10.   Follow steps 5 thru 8 on the other side of the vehicle.

11.   Put on gloves and safety glasses (used motor oil is a known carcinogenic, and it is strongly recommended that your skin does not come in contact with it)

12.   Slide underneath vehicle.

13.   Place paper down around oil drain plug at rear of engine.

14.   Place oil drain pan underneath oil drain plug.

Text Box: Drain plug location DSC_7246.JPG

15.   Place 5/8th socket on drain plug.

16.   SLOWLY undo drain plug, and remove completely. Do not loose brass crush washer on plug.

17.   Allow oil to drain completely.


18.   Place oil drain plug back on - ensure that brass washer that was on oil drain plug is back on (preferably replace washer with a new washer)

19.   Place paper underneath oil filter at front of engine.

20.   Place oil drain pan underneath oil filter.

21.   Place oil filter wrench around the oil filter and SLOWLY undo filter.


22.   Allow oil to drain from filter.

23.   Place oil filter in a plastic shopping bag.

24.   Fill new oil filter ¾ full with new oil (allow the oil to absorb into the walls of the oil filter before measuring)


25.   Poor a small amount of oil on the seal and rub it around - this helps seal the oil filter onto its mount.


26.   Place new oil filter onto its mount - and do up carefully. Do up until just the point that the oil filter cannot be undone by one hand. Be careful not to crush new oil filter as you tighten it.

27.   Lower vehicle from stands using jack, be careful and lower slowly.

28.   Pour 5 quarts of new oil in.

Text Box: Oil is to be poured here DSC_7253.JPG


29.   Check oil level with dipstick

Text Box: Dipstick DSC_7254.JPG

30.   If below bottom, continue filling slowly, regularly checking oil level.

31.   Once oil is halfway between the bottom marker, and the top, stop filling.

32.   Clean up excess oil with paper.

33.   Dispose of paper, oil containers and oil in an environmentally friendly fashion.



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