How To Change the Oil for your Mustang Shelby


Keeping the oil in your Mustang Shelby fresh is one of the most important ways that you can maintain the longevity and the performance quality of your vehicle. The Mustang Shelby is a classic car that requires excellent oil efficiency in order to be able to operate properly; plan to change the oil approximately every 3000 miles or so in this vehicle. If you don't drive it regularly, it's still a good idea to change the oil regularly so that it stays fresh.

By changing your own oil in the Mustang Shelby, you'll know exactly how the process has taken place. You'll not only avoid the cost of having a service person do the task, but you'll be assured of the quality of the work and you'll learn more about your vehicle as you do it. Read on for a brief overview on how to change the oil on your Mustang Shelby.

Step 1 -- Gather the Materials

In order to change the oil, you'll need the following items:

  • Oil pan to collect old oil
  • New oil filter, if necessary
  • Jack stand set
  • New oil
  • Wrench set
  • Funnel, newspapers and paper cloths

Step 2 -- Prep the Area

Next, you'll need to get your car ready to have its oil changed. Jack up the front portion of the car and then open up the hood. Locate the oil container section and lay down a set of newspapers below it in order to keep the surrounding area nice and clean as you work.

Step 3 -- Drain the Oil

Unscrew the oil drain plug on your oil container and be sure to have an oil collection pan placed below the gasket system as you do. As soon as the drain plug is partially unscrewed, the old oil will begin to fall through it and to drain out of the oil container. Allow several minutes for all of the oil to collect properly in the drain pan.

Step 4 -- Clean Up

Use your paper cloths to clean off the base of the oil container and to clean out the area around the drain plug before you continue. This is a good opportunity to clean out any debris or other materials that may have collected in and around the drain pan or the base of the oil container before you continue.

Step 5 -- Check and Replace the Oil Filter

Next, locate the oil filter on the base of the container and unscrew it by hand. You may need to use a wrench to get it fully unscrewed. Once the oil filter comes off in your hand, take a look at it to see whether it needs to be replaced. Look for buildup of debris or corrosion and also for the quality of the filter mechanism itself. If it appears that the filter is old and worn out, throw out the used one and replace it. Know that you may not need to replace your oil filter every time that you change the oil, so it's a good idea to check on the filter before you automatically assume that you'll need to replace it in your Mustang Shelby.

Step 6 -- Replace the Oil

Tighten the drain cap on your vehicle and then use the funnel to put the new oil in the oil container. The exact number of quarts that you'll need will depend upon how you drive and what type of oil you have purchased. Make sure that the oil fully drains from the oil container into the vehicle before you close up the hood and lower the car off of the jack stands. Before you drive, it's a good idea to manually check the oil levels; you may need to add more oil if it's not low enough, or to drain some of the new oil if it's too high.

If you have any questions about the process of changing the oil in your Mustang Shelby, consult with a mechanic near you for additional advice.



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