Saleen issues teasers of the 2010 S281

When Steve Saleen parted from Saleen Motorsports, it was unknown what would come of the near legendary line of high performance Saleen Mustangs.  Mr. Saleen departed to start the new SMS Supercars, and the original company has retained the Saleen name (after a couple lawsuits) and has now become Saleen Performance Vehicles. A few months […] More »

2011 Ford Mustang GT Preview: Coyote 5.0L V8

The Ford Mustang has introduced a great many now-famous engines throughout its long history, but none have had the following of the 5.0L V8. The “five-o”, as it is affectionately known, disappeared from the Mustang lineup after 1995 as the new modular 4.6L V8 took its place. Many believe the 5.0 may return in the […] More »

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