Sweet Jump: Mustang GT Takes Flight!


by Michael Farner
Mustang Forums

This was posted on YouTube way back in 2008, but I hadn't see it until today. Hey, even if you've seen it, it's totally worth watching again. This is from the description:

"Over 100mph in my 07 Mustang GT/CS! This is just the best jump of about 5. Started slow and worked my way up to this to gauge how it would land. I had no damage to the car at all, with only slight scratches on the K-member. I plan on going again sometime to get some better angles. The landing is pretty smooth and does not worry me in the least. Yes I know I rag on the car but other wise I treat her well. She has won a few car shows and will be on the new season of Pass Time. For now she is bone stock. Enjoy!"
It must have felt a little sketch to the guy who shot this footage, but I'm sure thankful he managed to keep it together.

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