Convertible Mustang S550 Spotted!


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Marcus Slater
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First the leaks from Car and Driver, and now this? At this rate we won't have to wait for the Detroit Autoshow to learn about the next-gen mustang. At any rate, you had to know that Ford was working on a convertible model. I'm just surprised that they're testing it so far out.

It's wrapped in black plastic like all their other test mules, so we can't really get a good idea of how it looks underneath it all. I'm just glad they've stayed away from that horrible shopping cart handle. If the renderings are any indication, I'm sure the 'vert will be every bit as attractive as the coupe.

via [Autoblog]

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Cheryl Smith (Sat, 09 Nov 2013 06:44:43 -0800): Seems now days everyone like to upgrade their cars to ones more power and faster.But you can't beat the next traffic light, so save your money and perhaps upgrade your house lol


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