Drive Clip Contains Inexplicable 180, Looks Killer


by John Coyle
Mustang Forums

I'll admit it. I was pretty surprised that Drive had won Nicolas Winding Refn Best Director at Cannes. As a car guy who loves movies, I'm generally pretty disappointed with "car movies." The stories generally suck, and there's a lot of potential for really bad CGI. That said, the Mustang action and the "R" rating--read: "strong brutal bloody violence and nudity"--insure I'll break down and see Drive.

But what's the deal with the spontaneous 180 here? I get the 300C is trying to use the PIT maneuver on Ryan Gosling, but I don't see how driving backwards really helps. Wouldn't a Top Gun-style "hit the brakes and he'll fly right by" move might have worked out better?

What do you think about this scene? Is there a good reason for the spin? Or I am just getting worked up about movie magic? Sound off in the Forum!

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