How-To Install a Ford Mustang Cold Air Intake


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One of the best ways to improve a Ford Mustang engine at home is by installing a new cold air intake system. The intake system in your car is the portion of the vehicle that brings in oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere in order to be mixed with the gasoline from the fuel tank. This process of mixing allows the fuel to be utilized by the internal combustion system in the engine. Typically, the engine will have to cool down the air before mixing it with the fuel; this process takes up additional time and requires energy from the engine system. With a cold air intake system on your Mustang, the air is cooled during the collection process. The result is that the engine is able to work more powerfully and the overall horsepower of the car goes up.

Step 1 -- Gather Your Materials and Tools

There are several tools and other materials that you'll need to have in order to install a cold air intake system in your Mustang. Collect these materials before you begin your replacement or installation process:

  • Replacement cold air intake system and installation kit
  • Replacement air filter
  • Pliers, screwdrivers and socket wrench with various sockets

Step 2 -- Set Up the Vehicle

Make sure that the car has been powered off for several minutes before you attempt to work on it. Test the hood by feeling it with your hand; if the hood is warm, you'll need to wait until it's cool to begin. Open the hood and carefully disconnect the battery terminal on the negative side so that there's no electrical power flowing through the vehicle.

Step 3 -- Remove the Existing Air Intake System

Before you can install the new intake, you'll have to remove the existing one first. Carefully unscrew and remove the tube that connects the air box to the throttle body of the car. Pull the vacuum hoses out of this tube after you've disconnected it. Then unscrew the other end of the tube from the box. With these connections removed, pull the air intake tube out of the vehicle. Disconnect the mass air sensor system and remove that as well. Finally, unscrew the bolts that connect the air box to the frame of the vehicle and gently remove that too.

Step 4 -- Install the New Air Intake System

Begin by attaching the air filter to the cold air intake pipe on the car. Connect the vacuum hoses to the various entry points on the air filter, and fill in any extra points on the filter as necessary. Next, reattach the vacuum hoses to the throttle body and reinstall the mass air sensor system as well. Close up the car after you've secured everything and check to make sure that the engine runs smoothly.

If you have any questions, speak with a mechanic or a professional for additional help in installing your new air intake system.



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