GT500 Certified at 662 hp/631 lb-ft


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Ford and SVT shocked the automotive world when it announced the 2013 Shelby GT500 would be packing 650 horsepower - the highest of any production V8 in the world - thanks to a new 5.8-liter supercharged V8. That extra horsepower, combined with improved aerodynamics and revised gearing, allows for an incredible top speed of 202 mph, putting the new Shelby in an elite group of supercars at a fraction of the cost.

As if that weren't impressive enough, it now looks like the production Shelby GT500 could be officially rated with more horsepower and torque when it's released in the summer. At a special sneak preview of the car last week in Los Angeles for a select number of Shelby owners, Jim Owens, VP of marketing for Shelby and Boss 302, and Jamal Hameedi, SVT chief engineer, revealed that the 2013 GT500 was recently certified at 662 horsepower and 631 lb-ft torque.

Amazingly, the 2013 Shelby GT500 will also have improved fuel consumption - 15 city / 24 highway compared to 15/23 for 2012 - thanks to taller gearing. This means that the 2013 GT500 will once again avoid the gas guzzler tax.

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Bruce Hubble (Tue, 01 May 2012 11:25:38 -0700): Ahh...the sound of hp!
Greg Quillen (Tue, 01 May 2012 12:22:46 -0700): That's awesome
Alan Dahmer (Tue, 01 May 2012 12:42:17 -0700): love that new power hope they put it to the ground.
Billy L Adams (Wed, 02 May 2012 18:21:54 -0700): I would like to know if there with be a automatic of some sort. Has there been any info about pricing I love my mustang. 1998 gt rag top 8.47 90mph 1 eight mile track.


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