How to Make a Mustang: National Geographic Goes Inside the Mustang Assembly Line


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Ever wonder how the Ford Mustang gets built? Here's your chance to find out. The National Geographic Channel recently chose the Mustang for its Megafactories series, highlighting the production of America's favorite pony car at Ford's facility in Flat Rock, MI, and the full 45 minute episode has been published on YouTube.

The video follows how a Mustang is built from initial stamping where 20 ton steel coils are pressed into the Mustang's body panels, to the body shop where 300 robots make nearly 3,000 welds, to the paint shop, to final assembly. The episode even provides an inside look at Ford's private proving grounds in the desert of Arizona and much, much more.

By watching the video you'll also learn some interesting facts about Mustang production. For example, did you know there are 4,000 individual part numbers for the car? Or that 680 Mustangs are built every day?

If that sounds interesting, just hit the play button below.

Article courtesy of, your source for all the latest Ford Mustang news and articles.

Brian Linster (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 12:57:56 -0800): Stang#1
David Miles (Mon, 07 Jan 2013 16:13:51 -0800): I was there this past August during the Woodward Dream Cruise. Took the factory tour. It was the last week that they would be producing Mazda's on the same line at the same time. Very impressive with all the robotics.
Jeffrey Jones (Tue, 08 Jan 2013 17:38:26 -0800): A great video showing how FoMoCo builds the Mustang from soup to nuts. BWAAAAAAABABABABABA! (bouncing off the rev limiter).


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