Inside Line Pits ZL1 Against GT500 in Track Test



Marcus Slater
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There's no real need to hype the rivalry between the GT500 and the ZL1, it's the biggest one in the business. Surely the near future will be full of internet bar-fights over which car is faster, better, the bigger chick magnet, whatever. In any circumstance, it's best to have some solid, objective facts under your belt, which is exactly what Inside Line aims to supply in this video.

Honestly, it's more like watching a spec sheet than watching a review. They test both car's 0-60 times, quarter mile times (from a roll and from a dig), slalom speed, grip, the whole shebang. Most of it is shot side-by-side with no music and no in car commentary. If you're looking for a quick video with just the facts, this is the one for you.

Frankly, we're all right with this. Edmunds isn't exactly a wealth of entertainment and passion, but they are pretty good at numbers. While the emotion component of a car might be the more important metric, those assessments are probably better left for the dudes at MotorTrend or Drive. Those guys are the one's who'll stir the hornets nest of fanboy-ism.

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