2010 Mustang Interior Teasers



The Ford Motor Company has been tight lipped on details for the 2010 Mustang refresh, although spyshots (including some MustangForums exclusive shots) have given us some things to discuss. Recently, Ford has begun releasing teaser shots as the release date at the LA Auto Show draws near.


In typical FMC fashion, the shots are vague, blurring around the edges to add to the drama, but they give us a clear idea of what to expect.  While the angular center area of the dash pad is retained, the way it flows along the top of the gauge cluster continues more towards the pillar before tapering down around the air vents, which appear to be larger than the current vents.  The center vents are no longer round, but rather two tightly bunched rectangular vents, inset to the silver dash face that runs the width of the dash.  It looks from the shots as though the vintage font and layout, a popular feature of the S197 models, will make it through to the 2010 models.

2010 shift knob.jpg

The steering wheel still has a three-spoke design with radio and cruise control button in the spokes, but the hard angles of the current hood have been rounded off a bit, giving it a sportier look.  Though we've not yet seen a clear shot of the center stack, the shape of the center console in another picture looks as though it likely flows right up into the dash.  The center console continues even through the middle of the front seats, and holds the manual shifter, which has a similar vintage font to the gauge cluster.  The teaser shows a 5-speed manual shift knob, disappointing to those who had hoped for the 6-speed option, but these teasers don't give us any technical information.


We are a few weeks away from the official debut of the 2010 Mustang, and hopefully the good people at Ford won't make us wait until the Los Angeles Auto Show before giving us more to dream about.



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