MotorTrend Pits V6 Mustang Against Subaru BRZ


At first the comparison might seem like a strange one. The Mustang is a V6 300hp heavyweight. On the other hand, Subaru's BRZ is a feather light, 200 hp scalpel on wheels. At their core though, they're both through-and-through sports cars that offer an accessible amount of performance through wildly different philosophies. Through that lens, putting them both on a California canyon road suddenly makes a lot more sense.

MotorTrend does exactly that in this video. They're not testing to see which car is faster or quicker; that honor goes to the Mustang. Instead, they're asking which car is the better drivers car. Find out what they think in the video below.

Tom Giglia (Wed, 16 May 2012 11:05:49 -0700): Another Motortrend suckup to a japanese car. Its slower than the Mustang 0-60, 1/4 mile, and around a road course, yet its a better "drivers car". If its a better drivers car it should be faster than the Mustang around a road course. It was the same crap when then compared it to the Genesis.


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