2010 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2010 Dodge Challenger


After comparing the 2010 Mustang GT against the 2010 Dodge Challenger, people may stop thinking of Dodge as: "Oh yeah, the car Al Bundy drives!" "Married with Children" stopped making new episodes years ago, yet the reaction that all too many people have toward Dodge is a negative one . This is regrettable because Dodge has turned out a few sweet vehicles since that sitcom stopped being made; the impressive new 2010 Dodge Challenger for example.
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Listen to some of the numbers: 5.7-liter engine, 372 hp, comfortable 42 inches of legroom, 16.2 cubic feet trunk, and it seats five - Al Bundy would not have known what to do with himself. It is not a great idea to drive one of these with a heavy foot, as the fuel economy isn't very ... well, economical (16mpg for city driving?). At least it improves to 25mpg when you get it out onto the open road and utilize more of those horses.

For all this, you will pay a little more than three grand more than what you would pay for a 2010 Mustang GT. Rest assured, there are deals that mean even Al Bundy can afford a new 2010 Dodge Challenger. Either of the two cars is a patriotic purchase, and you can congratulate yourself on saving the money a similarly capable European or Japanese car would have set you back.

Seen a new Challenger out there? Too big and heavy? Or is it another retread success? How does the new Dodge muscle stack up to the Ford classic?



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