2011 Ford Mustang GT Preview: Coyote 5.0L V8


The Ford Mustang has introduced a great many now-famous engines throughout its long history, but none have had the following of the 5.0L V8. The "five-o", as it is affectionately known, disappeared from the Mustang lineup after 1995 as the new modular 4.6L V8 took its place. Many believe the 5.0 may return in the 2011 Ford Mustang.

The news of the new 5.0L V8, code named "Coyote" within Ford Motor Company, began when an overseas member of the Ford management group commented on the upcoming engine. These rumors were further bolstered by a comment made earlier this year by Ford chairman Bill Ford Jr. While discussing the wide range of new engines coming from Ford in the next few years, Ford mentioned that the Mustang would be available with a 400 horsepower engine. Now, this could have been Ford misspeaking about the GT500, but it is more likely another hint to the return of the fabled five-o to the Ford Mustang.

The Coyote 5.0L V8 is currently not in use anywhere in the world, so there is no clear proof of the engines capabilities like we have with the other two expected engines for the 2011 Mustang.  However, the gigantic power advantage held by Chevrolet and Dodge combined with the public outcry when the sleek new 2010 Mustang received just a 15 horsepower gain wont likely go unanswered by the folks at Ford. A 400 horsepower variant of the Mustang GT would make it the most powerful Mustang GT ever offered, and with the weight advantage over both the Camaro and Challenger, the twenty-something horsepower disadvantage faced by a 400hp Coyote V8 powered Mustang would likely be easily overcome.

The Auto Show season is approaching quickly, and with SEMA only a month away and the Detroit Auto Show around two and a half months out, we expect official news from Ford Motor Company soon about the future of the Ford Mustang engine lineup.



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