How about those Mustang MPG numbers?



By Detroit Steel
Those highly-anticipated MPG numbers for the new Mustang are finally out and they've fallen a bit considering the extra weight the car has picked up from some new equipment and features.
A window sticker for the new Ford pony car leaked by Mustang 6G lists the gas mileage for the car at 22 City/ 31 Highway for the Mustang EcoBoost (manual); 17 City/28 hwy for the V6 Mustang (manual); V6 Mustang 19 City/28 highway (auto).
That number for the automatic is down from 31 on the 2014 Mustang, but an extra 100 pounds or so on a car is bound to impact something.
No news yet on the MPG numbers for the V8, but if these others are an indication, you'll want to account for a few extra gas cards with the purchase.

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Source [Mustang 6G]

Dan F. McMiller (Tue, 02 Sep 2014 16:38:20 -0700): Needs to lose 300lbs!


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