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The Stig Has a Wife and She Seems to Like Mustangs


We didn’t think this HPP Racing Mustang could get any hotter, then Mrs. Stig stepped in front of it.

  Comments | By - March 23, 2015

50 Years of Mustangs Gather for Synchronized Drifting


Whoever is running Ford’s marketing division may just be the coolest person ever. Or at least they are right now. This drifting gathering is epic.

  Comments | By - January 16, 2015

Crazy Duramax Diesel Powered SN95 Mustang Goes 202 MPH At The Texas Mile

In case you’ve somehow missed Mike Wood’s crazy Duramax diesel powered SN95 Mustang GT, here’s a video of it running 202.4 mph at the Texas Mile! It’s also been deep 10s at the strip and survived the grueling HOT ROD Drag Week- it also uses enough nitrous to supply every dental office in the state of Texas. Seriously, this is one bad Mustang that’s as fast as it is unique!

  Comments | By - January 29, 2014

6 Minutes of Pure Mustang Burnouts

Correct me if I’m wrong but… I think that if you drive a Mustang, there’s a pretty good chance that you enjoy the occasional burnout. It’s a pleasure as old as rear-wheel-drive. I can understand not doing them though. They’re not exactly easy on the tires.

  Comments | By - December 17, 2013

’96 Mustang GT with Terminator Swap

The owner of this flawless Terminator swapped 1996 Mustang GT has got himself one clean car and out of all the wheel choices seen in the video, I’d say my favorites are the CCW Classics and the Billet Specialties big-and-littles. But if you think the exterior is clean, check out under the hood where a Kenne Bell 2.2L twin-screw blower resides on top of a Terminator 4.6 4V motor. The tidy install is backed by a T56 transmission and a full Terminator interior inside the cockpit.

  Comments | By - September 25, 2013

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