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1500hp Cobra Terminator Practices for ‘Street Outlaws’

Cobra Mustang Street Outlaws

This BoostedGT 1500 horsepower Cobra is hot as sin, but is it hot enough to compete on Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws”?

  Comments | By - May 8, 2015

Terminator Mustang Cobra Learns a Few Lessons from an SRT Viper

Cobra Mustang

I’d be inclined to think that an E85-fueled 684-rwhp 2003 Terminator Mustang Cobra that’s undergone some weight reduction would fare better against a “DriverMod” SRT Viper TA.

  Comments | By - May 7, 2015

One of Our Members Took On Two of GM’s Performance Heavyweights in His Mustang Cobra

null_zps6e26f6b7 - Copy

Forum member ctgreddy, the owner of a 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra, decided to wage war against two GM performance juggernauts – a C5 Corvette and a Cadillac CTS-V – in some impromptu drag races.

  Comments | By - April 22, 2015

Watch a 1,300-Horsepower Cobra Beat Everyone at TX2K15


This is Voodoo Racing’s 94mm Turbo 2003 Mustang Cobra Street car. She puts down 1,300 horsepower, sounds like a banshee coming straight out of hell, and absolutely dominated this year’s TX2K15.

  Comments | By - April 21, 2015

TST One Take: New Edge Mach 1

2004 mustang mach 1

On this edition of The Smoking Tire’s “One Take” series, Matt Farah gets to travel back in time to review a 2004 Mustang Mach 1.

  Comments | By - March 31, 2015

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