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2014 Roush Stage 3 Mustang Might Make You Forget 2015

2014-Ford-Roush-Mustang-Stage-3 featured image

This RK Motors Charlotte Mustang is a clear reminder that the appeal of the Roush Stage 3 didn’t start in 2015.

  Comments | By - May 15, 2015

Mustang Cobra Jet Eats Drag Strips, Drags Bumper


This Mustang Cobra Jet is one badass machine that eats up drag strips like a fat kid devours licorice ropes.

  Comments | By - May 11, 2015

M5 Versus GT500 in Loud Drag Race


The last generation Shelby GT500, with its 671 horsepower and 631lb-ft of torque, is the epitome of drag racing potential. Or is it?

  Comments | By - May 1, 2015

GT500, Z06 and Hellcat Get Into a Rev Battle


It’s the new C7 Z06 vs the Shelby GT500 vs the Challenger Hellcat, America’s three most powerful cars in a rev-off for the ages.

  Comments | By - April 8, 2015

This Mustang GT Can Do 212 Miles Per Hour – by the End of a (Texas) Mile

212 2 - Copy

If you told me your Mustang can do 212.9 mph, I’d be impressed. If you told me your Mustang can hit that speed in 5,280 feet, I’d involuntarily spit out whatever I’d happen to be drinking at the time. Don’t worry – I know a good dry cleaning place.

  Comments | By - April 2, 2015

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