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What’s Your All-Time Favorite Mustang?

mcmurrey-mustang-collection featured image

In their own inimitable and hilarious style, the Regular Car guy wonders “which Mustang is best Mustang.”

  Comments | By - August 25, 2015

Five Fantastic Reasons for Joining a Mustang Club

mustang-50th- featured image

Why should you join a Mustang club, aside from wanting to share your Mustang passion with other enthusiasts? Well, there are a lot of reasons.

  Comments | By - August 25, 2015

Coyote V8 Mustang Faces Off Against Tesla Model S

stang tesla drag

The Tesla P85D is fast, but can the techno wizardy that powers it beat the good old-fashioned V8 in a drag race?

  Comments | By - August 20, 2015

Horsepower History: Mustang Power Numbers Through the Years

mustang-history-of-hp featured image

There’s much to learn about the Mustang from taking a peak at the pony car’s history of horsepower.

  Comments | By - August 14, 2015

This GT500 Super Snake Gallery Makes Any Day Better


The Shelby GT500 Super Snake Convertible is one of the coolest Mustangs that exists; it’s basically a rare model of a rare model of a rare model.

  Comments | By - August 11, 2015

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