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Ford Drops First Making of 2015 Mustang Video


Now that the new Mustang is finally on sale the world over, Ford has started releasing a series of videos that document the process that went into such an ambitious project.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2015

Perfect Attendance Earns One Employee a 2015 Mustang


Every year, Owens & Minor does a huge giveaway for employees with perfect attendance. This year’s prize was a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang. In Ruby Red no less.

  Comments | By - April 6, 2015

This Mustang GT Can Do 212 Miles Per Hour – by the End of a (Texas) Mile

212 2 - Copy

If you told me your Mustang can do 212.9 mph, I’d be impressed. If you told me your Mustang can hit that speed in 5,280 feet, I’d involuntarily spit out whatever I’d happen to be drinking at the time. Don’t worry – I know a good dry cleaning place.

  Comments | By - April 2, 2015

Jayce Andrade Dominates With Nitrous BBC Foxbody

THE YETI - Nitrous BBC Fox

Take one Foxbody Mustang, insert a 496 cubic-inch big block Chevy engine, add a 250-shot of nitrous, garnish it with one hell of a cool name, and you’ve got yourself a world-beater.

  Comments | By - March 9, 2015

How Ford’s EXP Saved the Mustang

exp mustang

The Ford EXP Turbo Coupe saved the Mustang. Now before you get the pitchforks, hear us out.

  Comments | By - March 6, 2015

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