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Coyote-Powered Capri Owns the Strip

Sometimes a good driver and a great engine are really all you need, as this Coyote-Powered Capri clearly shows.

  Comments | By - January 18, 2017

Ford Mustangs at NAIAS 2017

Despite no immediate changes or updates to America’s pony car, Ford brought show-stopping Mustangs to NAIAS in Detroit.

  Comments | By - January 12, 2017

Is the Mustang GT California Special the Ultimate Vacation Car?

Ford lent us a Mustang GT California Special for a week-long winter getaway, but did it provide the ultimate escape?

  Comments | By - January 6, 2017

Brake Disc Get Pushed to Its Limits

Wanna see a brake disc exposed to high heat and pressure, and then explode into a million tiny pieces? Of course you do.

  Comments | By - January 5, 2017

Mustang Driver Pulls Biggest Save Ever?

Just as this Mustang driver thought his day at the drag strip was going pretty smoothly, his car decided to remind him of who’s really in charge.

  Comments | By - January 2, 2017

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