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Previously Junked LX Notch Becomes ‘School Car Gone Wild’

1990-ford-mustang featured image

This 1990 LX Notch’s looks alone make it hard to believe that this Mustang could have been junk. But she was abandoned as a salvage title after a big fire hit the front end of the car.

  Comments | By - April 23, 2015

One of Our Members Took On Two of GM’s Performance Heavyweights in His Mustang Cobra

null_zps6e26f6b7 - Copy

Forum member ctgreddy, the owner of a 2003 Mustang SVT Cobra, decided to wage war against two GM performance juggernauts – a C5 Corvette and a Cadillac CTS-V – in some impromptu drag races.

  Comments | By - April 22, 2015

Ford Drops First Making of 2015 Mustang Video


Now that the new Mustang is finally on sale the world over, Ford has started releasing a series of videos that document the process that went into such an ambitious project.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2015

Watch This Mustang Turn Tires Into Clouds


If you believe those quacks on TV, clouds are formed by condensation and water vapor, but we all know the truth. Clouds are really made of smoke, and the best way to make smoke is with a big V8.

  Comments | By - April 15, 2015

Who Bought Their Mustang New and Still Has it Today?


Did you by your Mustang new, and do you still have it? It seems like a straight-forward inquiry, but the way we buy cars says a lot about ourselves and our values.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2015

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