Designers Report 2015 Mustang Will be "Stunning"


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Perhaps no other future car has been rendered as many times as the 2015 Mustang (one example shown above). Some are received with praise, others with hatred, and many times it's a combination of both. In reality it doesn't matter, though as the drawings are mere speculation and don't represent the real thing. There are people who have seen the final design, however, and the outlook seems overwhelmingly positive. recently interviewed several members of the automotive design community that have actually laid eyes on the production 2015 Mustang, and have reported what they heard.

"All I can tell you is that it looks great," Jack Telnack, former global design boss at Ford Motor Company, told Edmunds. "It's all new and it's hot. You will know it is a Mustang. There is no question about that."

Even designers outside of Ford have had praise for the car. Designer Stewart Reed, who is the chair of the undergraduate transportation design program at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, says he has heard many designers that the car is quite striking. "I have heard some great words like 'stunning,'" Reed said. "This is coming from designers that are not even part of the team. They have seen the car from a distance and they are careful to not say what it is, exactly. To have a designer call someone else's design 'stunning' is pretty exciting."

Perhaps just as importantly, Reed says that the architecture of the 2015 Mustang will also be quite improved. "What I am hearing is the basic architecture, the bones of this thing, are great, so I can't wait to see it," Reed said.

Finally, Reed says that the special edition Mustangs, most likely the Shelby GT350 and Mach 1 to start off, will be great vehicles. "They have done a really good job the last few years with special-edition versions of the car, the Boss, the Shelby and everything," he said. "I've heard the special-edition variations are really good. They are pushing that even to a more profound level than what they have had."

Article courtesy of, your source for all the latest Ford Mustang news and articles.

Rick Turrentine (Tue, 09 Jul 2013 11:55:52 -0700): I'll take a Mach 1 convertible.
Oscar Goldman (Tue, 09 Jul 2013 13:17:16 -0700): Let's just hope it's not a crappy hatchback like the one depicted.
Michael Haft (Tue, 09 Jul 2013 13:50:18 -0700): Loos like a Fusion.
Casa Del Gatos (Tue, 09 Jul 2013 17:34:49 -0700): If it looks like that picture at all - it is NOT a Mustang.
Stephen Masek (Tue, 09 Jul 2013 22:26:49 -0700): A hatchback would make it far, far more useful as a car. A wagon version would be even better. I wonder if the platform would fit under the 2014 Transit Connect body? That would be a tremendous sleeper!
Greg Rollins (Wed, 10 Jul 2013 06:48:22 -0700): Looks like a bunch of euro crap. How can ford do that?
Cole Hawkins (Wed, 10 Jul 2013 08:20:30 -0700): Nothing will ever compare to the 65-69 models, but the "retro" phase all of the american automotive manufactures have been in needs to come to an end. But this is what happens when you sell aston martin and keep all of their designers.
Brooke N Rob Young (Sat, 13 Jul 2013 19:16:30 -0700): If the 50th edition looks anything like that.... well I'll never buy another Ford what time I live. Please don't screw up an American made muscle car that has been in production for 50 straight years. I LOVE mustangs.
Lisa Giorno (Sat, 27 Jul 2013 09:12:59 -0700): Did they hire one of the Hyundai designers?


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