Shelby American Chases a Younger Demographic with 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang


by Patrick Rall

ShelbyIMG_4008.jpgEarlier this year, Shelby American introduced their newest post-title package for the Ford Mustang - the 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang.  Shelby offers some absolutely incredible Mustang packages, like the GT500 Super Snake, but for most people, spending $35,000 on top of the initial price of a Mustang is hard to swallow.  This eliminates many new Mustang owners from the group of prospective Shelby owners. But with the new Shelby GTS package, that could all change.

The 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang package is available for all new Mustangs, whether they come with the new 3.7L V6 or the mighty 5.0L V8.  The new GTS package is intended to be a "spiritual rebirth" of the 2007 Shelby GT Mustang which offered superior braking and handling over the standard Ford Mustang, with an emphasis on the world of SCCA Racing.

John Luft, president of Shelby American, had this to say about the new Shelby GTS package: "The Ford Shelby GT was introduced in 2007 as an agile, reliable and affordable muscle car. It dominated its SCCA racing class and was a popular canvas for enthusiasts to create their dream Shelby. Our Shelby GTS picks up that mantle and expands upon it with a choice of V6 or V8 power for a new generation of Shelby enthusiast who wants a car built just for them."

The 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang package begins by adding a Ford Racing handling package modified with GTS-specific springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and a front strut tower brace.  The Shelby GTS package then turns to the braking system, removing the standard components in favor of a Baer-designed Shelby braking system to improve the stopping power and the durability of the brakes during racing.  The performance abilities are capped off with a Shelby cold air intake kit and a Borla exhaust system that both add performance and sound to either the 3.7L V6 or the 5.0L V8.

Gary Patterson, vice president of operations for Shelby American offered the following insight on the new V6 Shelby GTS package: "The V6 Mustang is a particularly good platform for the Shelby GTS. It's even lighter and more nimble than the GT. And the V6 Shelby GTS makes about as much horsepower as the V8 in the Ford Shelby GT, but with better fuel economy at a lower price."

Finally, the 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang turns to the exterior, adding a unique Shelby front fascia, a black billet grille with the running pony logo, and a deep draw hood with "classic Shelby design".  Shelby then adds a set of Powered By Ford fender badges and model-specific Shelby and GTS badges out back help this post title Shelby package to stand out in a crowd.

The 2012 Shelby GTS Mustang package for the V6 or V8 Mustang starts at just $9,995 and this post title package does allow the owner the option to apply to "stock" classes in the SCCA and other racing circuits.

For more information, go to Shelby's Website.

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