Poll Results: The Five All-Time Greatest Special Edition Mustangs!


past-and-present.jpgby Patrick Rall
Mustang Forums

So just what is the greatest special edition Mustang of all time? You'll find out in a second. But first, a little back story.  

A few months ago, Mustang Forums asked members for nominations for the best special- or limited-edition Mustangs. Obviously, the Pony's production run insured there was a herd of qualified candidates. After we closed the nominating process, we determined which were the ten most popular, and asked you guys to pick the top five.

Why five? Well, because we're all modern people, and we don't have much of an attention span. Just kidding. We wanted the competition to be tough, and it was. Maybe too much so... Read on to find out which of the Blue Oval's Ponies won, which placed, and which showed.



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