Heart of the Pony: Ford's All-Time Top Mustang Engines 4


1986 SVO 2.3L Turbo.jpg1986 SVO 2.3L Turbo

Ford's Mustang is mostly known for its mighty V8s. But in 1986, the most powerful engine in the Mustang lineup was the 2.3L turbocharged SVO 4-cylinder. 

With 205 horsepower, the turbo 2.3L offered five more ponies than the fuel-injected 5.0L V8. Impressive numbers aside, 1986 would also mark the demise of the turbocharged 4-cylinder Mustangs. 

In addition to the fiery four-banger, SVO models included a single headlight design that would become the norm for all Mustangs in 1987, along with an offset hood scoop, unique badging and brushed aluminum wheels.



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