Heart of the Pony: Ford's All-Time Top Mustang Engines


mustang-motor.jpgby Patrick Rall
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The Ford Mustang has been a mainstay of American roadways for so long, a very high percentage of today's gearheads can't conceive of an automotive universe without it.  

And with good reason. Ford's Mustang is still a great car for the same reasons that the Stones are still a great live band--it never went away. And over the course of its 48-year history, a great many amazing engines have found their way under its iconic hood. But as with all things, some were more powerful, more important, and more influential than others. Like Exile on Main Street, for example.

That said, let's take a look a some of the Mustang motors which helped secure the original pony car's place in high-performance history. For the record, some of these pics were chosen because they were good shots--not because they reflect a perfectly preserved mill. 

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