14-Supercar Pileup: 3 Benzes, 8 Ferraris a Lambo and a Prius Wrecked in Japan



It's a good thing you guys are on MustangForums and not one of those shady enthusiast sites, because this is what can happen when you run with the wrong internet crowd.

Automotive enthusiasts in southwest Japan, who met up via a forum, found their precious supercars turned into twisted sheet metal when the leader of the pack (not a Mustang driver, obviously)  turned out to be a really bad leader.

Witnesses say the supercars were traveling around 90mph when the lead driver tried to make a pass and spun himself right into the guardrail. Since the road was a tight two lane highway with no shoulder, and since the cars were supposedly traveling in couples, there wasn't time or space to avoid the sights you see below, even for the trusty Prius, who was probably not going to the same auto show as everyone else involved.

Fortunately, while a few drivers were hospitalized for cuts and bruises, no one was seriously hurt. But it sure hurts to look at.

What do you think? Should we feel bad for these guys? Shout off in the forums!

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