The New Mustang Teaser!!



...And they are really teasing us with this one.


While most of the "teasers" from Ford have given us some insight to what we can expect for the 2010 Mustang, the newest release is subtle enough that some people probably cant tell what they're viewing.  What we are seeing is a close up of the new PowerDome hood, originally displayed here on MF a few months back.  This leaves us to wonder if the increased size in the hood is needed to allow for more engine room...hopefully a 400 horsepower 5.0. 

So, we now have an idea of what the interior looks like, along with the side lines of the convertible, and now a small piece of the hood.  Provided that all of these teasers are on the same car, which included what looks to be a GT rear badge, we can expect the PowerDome to be the standard GT hood, although some people have commented that the PowerDome might be a bit much for a standard hood.  Hopefully Ford will be a bit more forthcoming with their next teasers with 27 days left until the debut, and shows four more pictures to be unlocked.

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