Eat it, World: Next-Gen Mustang Will be All American!


FordEVOSConcept_01.jpgby Patrick Rall

Over the past few months there have been rampant rumors (with some Motor Company reinforcement) that when the next generation Ford Mustang hits the streets in 2014, it will be smaller and friendlier for the global market.  The suggestion of the Mustang being anything but purely American turns many a gearhead's stomach (as it should), so when I recently had the chance to sit down with Ford Chief Creative Officer J Mays, I pried for some insight into the future of America's greatest performance car.

Prior to speaking with J Mays on the 2014 Ford Mustang, we had been introduced to the new Ford EVOS Concept (shown above) which is said to usher in the next generation of Ford exterior styling. This led to my asking J Mays whether or not we would see any EVOS in the next gen Mustang.  I should remind everyone that J Mays was the individual on the video about the Ford Focus where he eluded to future design being more ideal for the global market, so there is likely no one better in Ford Motor Company to handle this question...and he didn't disappoint.

J Mays pointed out that the Ford Mustang has been so popular for so many years because it has always been pure American muscle.  While the design has changed a great deal over the last 50 years, the Mustang has always been distinctly all-American, and J Mays assured me that wouldn't be changing any time soon.  He pointed out the fact that if Ford was to offer a Mustang that was anything but an all-American muscle car, they would have to face a large, angry crowd of diehard Mustang enthusiasts

FordEVOSConcept_2.jpgMays wouldn't go into any detail or offer any specifics, but from what Mr. Mays told me at the unveiling of the Ford EVOS Concept, it looks like the Mustang community can expect the next generation of the mighty Mustang to offer more muscular American lines - the same design scheme that has made the Mustang the king of the hill since being introduced in 1964.

This new all-American Ford Mustang is expected to hit the streets sometime around the spring or summer of 2014 - marking the 50th anniversary of the fabled pony car.  The rumors have also suggested that the 2014 Mustang will feature more power, but with the success and reasonably young age of the Duratec 37 found in the V6 Mustang and the awesome new 5.0L V8, I would expect that the current engines will be found in the next generation Mustang - possibly with a little more power than the 305 and 412 offered by the 2012 Mustang.

What would you say if the next Gen Mustang is smaller and more global-friendly? Voice your opinion here!

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