Ford Offers Boss 302 as a Crate Motor



by Patrick Rall

The 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is awesome - awesome like free lap dance night at your local gentleman's club. But with extremely limited quantities only a few lucky, connected, and wealthy people will get their hands on one.  However, thanks to the offering of the new Boss 302 crate motor, Mustang owners can build a Boss 302 of their very own.

The 444 horsepower Boss 302 crate motor (part number M-6007-M50B) carries an MSRP of $11,999, so it is substantially more expensive than the standard 5.0L Coyote crate motor that costs just $6,999. But the Boss motor is more than just 32 extra horsepower.  Ford has squeezed some extra power by means of adding a revised composite intake manifold with shortened runners, with the top of the intake bearing the Boss 302 logo.  That intake feeds a set of high strength aluminum cylinder heads with fully CNC-machined ports and chambers for great high RPM airflow and low end torque. It's also fitted with Sodium-filled exhaust valves for improved heat dissipation.  Forged aluminum pistons and upgraded forged connecting rods make the bottom end of the Boss 302 crate motor stronger for the abuse of racing and a 8.5 quart oil pan with revised baffling offers improved oil control under hard cornering.

The Boss 302 crate motor includes a manual transmission engine harness and flywheel to help with the ease of installation, but the general vehicle harness and PCM are not included.  If you want it to look just like the actual Boss 302 Mustang engines, you will need to also invest in Ford blue coil pack covers for roughly $90 (Ford part #M-6P067-M50B).

It should be noted that the Boss 302 crate engine is only a small part of the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302, so to build an accurate clone of the best handling Mustang ever you will also need to purchase an advanced suspension package, a Brembo brake setup, the Boss-unique grille and front fascia with integrated splitter, the Boss-specific 19" wheels wrapped in high performance tires, the innovative high performance quad tip exhaust system with quick-access cutouts for the race track and the interior and exterior badging and/or striping.

While the new Boss 302 crate motor offers people a chance to build their own Boss 302 Mustang clone, Ford has stated that like the whole car, the Boss 302 crate engine will also be in short supply, so if you want to get your hands on one you had better head over to the Ford Racing website and make your purchase soon!



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