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You've got that hot 2008 Ford Mustang, and you want to install some accessories in it, such as HID headlights and fog lights. This article will walk you through the tools you'll need to install HID headlight and fog lights kits from, plus a tail light sequencer kit.

Required Tools

  • B2 flat blade screw drivers
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Cable ties
  • A ratchet
  • A 3 or 5 inch extension for the ratchet
  • An 11 millimeter deep socket
  • 8 millimeter shallow socket
  • 10 millimeter shallow socket

Step 1: Connect Wiring for New Light Kit

Refer to the included wiring diagram and plug all the wiring connectors together.

Step 2: Remove Cover Concealing the Fog Lights

There are 6 pop clips which hold the plastic shroud over the fog lights in place. Carefully lift the tabs and pull the clips out. The cover may now be lifted off.

Step 3: Remove Front Grill and Stock Bulbs

There are a few similar tabs that need to be removed to access the back of the fog lights. Twist and pull to remove the old bulbs.

Step 4: Install the New Fog Light Bulbs

Push the new bulbs into the housing and lock in by twisting on both sides.. Follow color coding to connect the wires to the stock harness. Wrap the connector with electrical tape.

Step 5: Make Preliminary Headlamp Connections

Follow the included wiring diagram to make preliminary headlamp harness connections.

Step 6: Route the New Wiring

The long end goes on the driver's side. Route the wiring under the radiator brackets and cable tie to existing harness.

Step 7: Remove the Stock Bulbs

The stock bulbs have a twist lock connector. Twist the ring counter-clockwise to remove. Wrap the stock connector on the driver's side with electrical tape.

Step 8: Install New Bulbs and Connect

Insert the new bulbs into the housing and twist the ring to lock on both sides. Connect the stock headlight connector on the passenger side to the new headlight connector.

Step 9: Make Power Connections

The black wire with the ring terminal is ground. Connect it to a solid ground. Connect the power wire directly to the battery.

Step 10: Hide the Wires

Carefully hide the wires and strap them away from the radiator and engine. Replace the grill clips and the cover.

Step 11: Open Trunk and Remove Panel

The plastic panel is held in with 6 clips.  Pull up the liner to pull the panel out.

Step 12: Remove Taillight Assemblies

Use the 11 millimeter deep to remove the 3 nuts. Disconnect the wiring harness and pull the grommet out. Push the harness through and pull the taillight out.

Step 13: Replace With New Harness

Pay attention to numbers on harness. #1 is closest to the license plate. Pull the bulbs out and replace 1 by 1into the new harness.

Step 14: Replace the Light Assemblies

Pull the connector and grommet into place and put the nuts back on with the socket. Reconnect the harness and test. Put the cover back on and close the trunk.

This article has listed 14 steps to replace the headlights and fog lights on your 2008 Mustang, as well as installing a blinking tail light harness.



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