Ford Mustang Parts and Accessories - Stillen Brake Upgrade


Your newer Ford Mustang needs some accessories and upgrades and a Stillen brake upgrade kit will help you stop more efficiently and look great.  This kit contains large cross-drilled and slotted rotors and high performance brake pads. This article will list the tools and steps needed to install the Stillen high performance brake upgrade. These steps will need to be performed on both sides.

Required Tools

  • A floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Flat blade screwdriver
  • Brake pad spreader
  • Brake piston tool (Available at auto parts store)
  • Breaker bar
  • Torque wrench
  • Sockets
  • Extension
  • Ratchet
  • Brake parts cleaner
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves (optional)

Step 1: Break the Lug Nuts Loose

Use the breaker bar for this. Don't remove them or loosen them all the way. Do this before lifting the wheels. Start at the rear.

Step 2: Jack the Vehicle Up

Put the jack under the differential and lift. Place the jack stands under the axle housing. Remove the tires. Block the front wheels

 Step 3: Remove the Brake Calipers

Use a 13 millimeter socket to remove the 2 smaller bolts, 1 at top and 1 at bottom. Use a 15 millimeter socket to remove the 2 larger bolts. Remove the caliper bracket. Suspend the caliper from the coil with a wire. Remove the caliper lock ring with a screwdriver. Remove the rotor.

Step 4: Install the New Rotors and Brackets

Slide the rotor over the lug studs. Put the caliper bracket in place and reattach with the bolts. Tighten to approximately 65 foot pounds.

Step 5: Compress the Pistons

Remove the brake fluid reservoir cover. Use the piston tool to collapse the piston for the new pads. Use your socket and turn clockwise. It will be hard.

Step 6: Replace the Calipers and Wheels

Slide the caliper in place and secure with the 13 millimeter bolts after putting the new pads in place. Spray the rotors with brake cleaner. Replace the wheel. Install the lug nuts. Lower the rear and torque to 75 foot pounds.

Step 7: Lift the Front End

Place the jack pad under the `K' member and lift. Place stands under front cross member and lower onto them. Remove the wheels.

Step 8: Install New Bulbs and Connect

Insert the new bulbs into the housing and twist the ring to lock on both sides. Connect the stock headlight connector on the passenger side to the new headlight connector.

Step 9: Remove the Calipers Rotors

Using the 12 millimeter socket on the caliper and the 15 millimeter on the bracket, remove the bolts holding the caliper and bracket in place and remove the caliper. Suspend the caliper from the coil. Remove the rotor clip with the screwdriver. Remove the rotor and the bracket.

Step 10: Install New Rotor and Pads

Compress the piston using the piston tool and install the new pads. Slide the new rotors in place.

Step 11: Remount Calipers and Brackets

Place the bracket in place and tighten down with the 15 millimeter bolts. Slide the calipers in place and secure.

Step 12: Replace Tires

Slide the wheels over the lugs and replace the lug nuts. Lower the vehicle and properly torque all the lug nuts.

This article has listed 12 steps needed to perform a high performance brake upgrade on your newer Ford Mustang.



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