How To Install a Ford Mustang Upper Grille


The process of new grille installation on a Ford Mustang can dramatically alter and improve the exterior appearance of the car. While a grille is not a critical piece of the vehicle in terms of functionality (in fact, the grille is generally good for appearance and aesthetic purposes only), it is nonetheless a crucial part of the look and feel of any Ford Mustang. There are two components to the Mustang grille; this article will deal with the installation process of the upper grille only.

Step 1 -- Collect the Proper Materials

You'll need several different tools and materials in order to install a new upper grille on your Mustang. Collect these before you begin:

  • Replacement grille
  • Ratchet
  • Screwdrivers

Step 2 -- Get Set Up

Before you can remove the existing grille and install the new one, you'll neeed to access it. With the car off, open the hood and examine the interior of the grille. You should see several plastic screws that attach the top of the grille to the interior of the car frame. Remove these screws with a screwdriver and set them aside carefully, as you'll need them again later on.

Step 3 -- Remove the Grille Screws

Now that you've accessed the grille, you can remove the screws that connect the grille itself to the frame. Carefully push outward on the grille from the inside of the car to access those screws. Be gently and do not bend the grille with too much force, as it's easy to disfigure it. Next, use a ratchet tool to locate and remove the several screws on the interior of the grille that connect it to the frame of the vehicle. The bolts at the base of the upper grille may be especially difficult to reach and will typically require a ratchet.

Step 4 -- Remove the Cover and the Grille

Now that the grille pieces and screws have been removed, you can carefully lift the grille up and off of the car. If there's a cover over the grille, you should remove this at the same time as well.

Step 5 -- Place the New Grille

Unpack your new upper grille and carefully set it in the same place inside of the frame of the car as the last grille. You can maneuver it somewhat, but be careful not to scratch any of the other parts of the car. Reinstall the screws using a ratchet once again, then place the cover back on top of the new grille, if your vehicle has a cover. Finally, reinstall the plastic screws at the top of the grille on the hood. Make sure that everything is tight and in place before you close the hood.

Finally, you can install the emblem on the front of the hood, if you had to remove it for the purposes of this installation process.

If you have any questions about how to install a new grille or which grille is best for your use, consult with a mechanic or another car service specialist for additional information.

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