The Benefits of Installing LEDs to Your Mustang


MustCoupe_SketchSlvrFP.jpg As LED's become more common and affordable, the benefits of LED Mustang lights are mounting. The benefits of making the switch are well worth the potential difference in price. Consider changing your Mustang lights to LED's to save money and extend the life of your car.


Your lighting is one of the most crucial systems in your car. They help you see, prevent accidents and make your Mustang look better. The brighter your lights, the better you can see. Also important is the ability to see in multiple weather conditions.


LED's are just more durable. While they are the recommended light source for four-wheelers, they also hold up to Mustangs and high performance use as well. Because they are more durable they are safer in the event of an accident.

Efficiency & Lifetime

LED's far outlast traditional tungsten automotive bulbs. The average life span of an LED is 100,000 hours, which equates to approximately 11 years of continuous use. The average light bulb offers about 5000 hours, just a fraction of the time you get from an LED. When you consider the lifetime difference, you find the cost of operation is less as well.


While LED's are more expensive to purchase, they are easy to install. And since they have an expanded lifetime, you change them less, which brings the cost down. Because they offer a better clarity than tungsten bulbs you don't have to worry about investing in more expensive headlights to achieve higher levels of brightness.

Less Power

Because LED Mustang lights use less power there is less pressure placed on your battery to power your vehicle. This can help extend the life of your battery and save you in the event of an emergency.


With the expansion of the types of LED bulbs available you can use them in all the places in your Mustang you would usually use a standard bulb. These include:

    -Brake lights
    -Interior lights
    -Indicator lights

And any other lights you're utilizing in or around your car. This means you have greater LED options and can replace all your bulbs with LED lights. When using accent lighting, LED's are a great choice, because you can get the look you want without the battery draining problem of a traditional accent bulb.

Where to Find

LED Mustang bulbs are so popular now you can find them online or in automotive parts stores. If you're not sure what you're looking for, ask your automotive parts store specialist to find exactly what you need for your specific make and year of Mustang. If you're unsure which LED's or brands to get, do a little research first to ensure you get your money's worth and walk away satisfied.

LED Mustang lights offer you the quality you want, the power usage you need and the brightness to keep you safe. The cost of replacement is not nearly what you would spend replacing traditional bulbs for the life of your car. You can change it and forget it.

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