Ford Design Chief: 2014 Mustang Won't Look Retro


1966-shelby-mustang-jpg.jpgby John Coyle
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Fan's wondering what's in store for the 2014 Mustang just got a big hint from Ford Design Chief J. Mays. He just told AutoWeek that the final design is being "locked down" right now, and that there's "no way" we'll be seeing retro styling on the new Pony.

Given that the next generation will mark 50 years of the Mustang, the temptation to reference a classic seems reasonable, but since the company has already been there, done that with recent models, it seems natural that its new baby will be about the future. via AutoWeek

What do you think the next Mustang should look like? Are fans ready for a totally new design? Sound off in the Forum!

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