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Default RE: (PICS) what's up with this shifter?

ORIGINAL: Dearborn5.0

well holy ****, for the car that has no identifing remarks, there was a freaking tag on there

13-52-169 G1363

On the trans case it says:

Borg Warner

pics in a few min....

so what does this mean?

Here is the response I got from Borg Warner.

It may help you decode your own T-5 ID tag:

Thank you for your interest in the TREMEC brand product. The T5 model number 1352-169 is a world class produced for the 1986 ½ Mustang, Capri, and aftermarket V8 application. I do not believe Ford was required to etch the component parts in this year, so this transmission would not have a VIN number engraved. The 1352-169 has the following gear ratios;

1st 3.35

2nd 1.93

3rd 1.29

4th 1.00

5th 0.68

The G1363 is the build date.

G the seventh month, July

13 the day of the month

6 is the year, in this case 1986

3 build on the third shift.

The Borg-Warner is the original manufacture of the T5 transmission series. The 1352-066-919 is a raw casting number for the case. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.
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