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Googleme 08-30-2013 02:48 PM

What should I do?! (pics!)
Hey guys, kind of a long thread I guess but I have two questions maybe you guys can help me out with. I'll start with the more interesting one.

#1 Alright so i've been driving a stick for about 6 months and I'm pretty good by now. Car salesman tells me some people like to leave their car in first gear AND keep the e-brake up for extra safety so the car wont roll. I've never done this I only use the e-brake but I figure whatever I'll try it. First day I buy this car I go to the gym for about an hour. Now you guys know those parking garage pillars? Yea you know where this is going....come back from the gym, since this is not a habit of mine I forget its in first gear, start the car, and my mustang lurches and slams into a pillar. First day I got the car.

Anyways I have full coverage but this might be a blessing in disguise. I just heard about cosmetic upgrades for mustangs from the 05 - 09 range to make em look like the newer ones. Since all of those parts need replacing anyways, do you guys think I should just go ahead and do the cosmetic upgrade?

And if im not mistaken the upgrade is actually even a little cheaper than the stock repair (for sure some other aftermarket parts are cheaper from AM, another option). Now this actually leads me into my 2nd question which is a lot shorter.


The 05 Gts have about 300 HP, the newer Gts have 400+ hp. So i have two options. Roush charge mine or buy a newer gt. I wont spell this out for you guys im sure you see where im going and I know there has been debate about this especially regarding the v6 upgrades (3.7 to 4.0). So tell me what you think? One important thing to remember is im a college student, I worked my @$$ off for this car working a minimum wage job 0 help from parents. So I can't really afford a roush supercharger yet and im thinking for now its easier to just upgrade to the newer GT and make payments. (Still making payments on mine but I can do a trade-in faster than I can do a $6500 supercharger with no payment option.)

Sorry for the long thread guys, anyways tgif and happy labor day weekend everyone. wherever youre going, drive fast (but safe lol)

AzPete 08-30-2013 04:09 PM

First day you had the car...woops....the car will not start in gear without the clutch being depressed. Only lurches if you let the clutch out in gear. If the brake was set good, it should not have moved very far.

As far as the new need to know what you want before prices can be figured. Some insurance and body shops will only do stock replacement without more money.
Buying another new car when you just bought this one...sounds like a loss on the trade.

Googleme 08-30-2013 05:10 PM

a stick wont start at all if the clutch isnt in thats what im sayin its the same process to start the car either way so i didnt remember. And I always take the ebrake down immediately because its never mattered until now far as the trade in yea I wont be doing it right away im just saying when it comes time I think thats the smarter option

427Roush 08-30-2013 05:22 PM

It seems like you're leaning towards a new GT. You'll notice a difference in power, styling and interior trim and finish.

Look for M90 take-offs as some people on the Roush site have upgraded to the TVS. They seem to selling in the $3,500 range.

I suggest you look at the cost of insurance between the two vehicles. May or may not be a deal killer.

Also realize that very few people can afford to mod their car all at once. Work a little, save a little for your mods. FYI, 315 HP is a lot of power fun to play with.

Googleme 08-30-2013 06:08 PM

Yea I kinda am. My dad had a '70 barracuda so I really wanted a GT and a stick to kinda continue the tradition. Couldnt really afford a GT with the newer body style so mine has 125,000 miles and I still barely was able to afford this one. So idk if I wanna mod this one and really make it mine...seems smarter to make it a stepping stone and just use the time to learn. seems like a solid plan to me

XEDES 08-30-2013 07:44 PM

My vote is to keep what you have. Touch base with a body shop about buying aftermarket parts instead of oem and see which one will work with you on your plans. Put buying the GT off for now. Maybe make it a college graduation present to yourself.

Googleme 08-30-2013 10:46 PM

hmm Xedes i like that idea...sounds like a plan. I should probably learn more about mustangs and take more driving lessons before I jump into a 400+ hp gt anyway sounds like a plan.

Lem-06 08-31-2013 02:09 AM

yea when i had my accident i had the front bumper replaced with the GT:CS bumper, and my passenger fended welded the antenna hole shut to delete it. most body shops are more then happy to use aftermarket, especially if insurance pays for OEM and aftermarket is cheaper ;)

Chris06GT 08-31-2013 02:12 AM

When I was a college student I was driving a '92 Pontiac Sunbird, which at that point was 8 years old and had 300,000+ km on it (185000-ish miles). I think you're doing pretty well so far without upgrading

Googleme 08-31-2013 03:11 AM

@Lem Yea I was thinking about getting an aftermarket hood at least because the hoods have cooler designs and theyre cheaper...they wanna charge me like 2k for a hood replacement just because its aluminum and the hoods from AM are a fraction of that...

@Chris06GT When I started college I was driving a 91' honda prelude with around 150k miles...and I went through 2 more buckets / flower pots before I decided to work hard for my mustang. 0 help from parents and i also pay my own insurance (190 a month). So im kinda proud of that. Ive seen kids at my college driving R8s and porsches lol

FivePointToTheOh 08-31-2013 03:15 AM

Yes, R8s and Porsches their parents paid for. Your doing well. My first car purchase on my own was as well a Mustang, and I'll never give her back!

Murgatroy 08-31-2013 05:47 AM

I would stick with what you have, fix it how you want, finish your education, and then buy the newer car when you are done and in a better situation.

If you are paying $190 now for insurance, there is a good chance that after this claim, it will go up a bit, buying a new car would make it go up even more. It is possible that your insurance could be jaw dropping.

My first car was a Mustang, I bought it myself. Granted, that was a while ago. Everything I have owned has been mine, bought and paid for with my own two hands. There is a pride in that. Don't let folks running around with a silver spoon give you delusions of what is right for you.

Nuke 08-31-2013 07:29 AM

If you can swing a used '07 thru '10 GT, even the 4.6L is night and day compared to the 4.0L. And you'll have a platform from which you can SC it and make it faster than a mildly modded 5.0 or save the money and step up to whatever the next generation Mustang's bring.

Lem-06 09-01-2013 12:50 AM

well goodluck getting it fixed, going AM will make it cheaper and look better :)

also get in the habit of wiggling the shifter when you go to start it, I've rarely kept it in gear when parking but always good to do, especially when your mom moves it and she does leave it in gear

FivePointToTheOh 09-01-2013 12:58 AM

I Always park it in first, But I ALWAYS go to neutral and wiggle it prior to letting out the clutch. Just a good habit to get into! Hope you get it all fixed up...Post pics when its done!

Derf00 09-01-2013 02:00 AM

That will buff right out! Well that sucks but i've had it happen to me indirectly.

I normally do not leave the car parked in gear but for some odd reason i decided to one night in my old mustang. The following day i let my 16 yr old daughter start the car. i forgot to tell her to take it out of gear before i asked her to get out. The car lurched forward and took out some metal storage shelves. it chipped the front lip of the hood pretty bad.

To those that say a secure ebrake wont allow the car to lurch forward, try it. Set your ebrake like you normally do (not extra tight because you know what you will be doing). Start the car and pop the clutch. You'll get a good foot or two of forward motion and it wont be gentle.

Googleme 09-01-2013 01:59 PM

@FivePoint thanks man...yea i might get into that habit i think its a good idea but im scared man.

@Murgatroy actually my insurance is going down $14 because im turning 21 before i have to renew and my insurance guy pulled a couple strings for me lol. Im worried about holding onto it because it already has 125k (bought it like that wouldnt have been able to afford a GT with lower miles) so if I wait that long its gonna be tougher to sell no?

@Nuke that makes sense but arent all the 05 - 09 GTs 300 hp? the 4.0s have 305 hp and better on gas...if im not mistaken?

@Lem-06 haha funny you say that my dad moves it when he mows the lawn sometimes (i park it on the street since our garage has their cars) and he used to do that but stopped because of my 'condition' lol

@Derf00 ouch..well hey its just a story now right? this will be too soon. I tried what you said and were right. It was AS bad but for sure it wouldnt have prevented this from happening. the ebrake is just another 400 lbs of luggage basically...mustangs dont care about that lol

Nuke 09-01-2013 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Googleme (Post 8275150)
....@Nuke that makes sense but arent all the 05 - 09 GTs 300 hp? the 4.0s have 305 hp and better on gas...if im not mistaken?...

Yes, the 4.6L '05 thru '09 are 300 crank HP and the 4.6L '10 is 315 crank HP (only because the '10 is running the FRPP Bullitt tune). The '05 thru '10 4.0L are somewhere around 250 crank HP (I may be off a good bit on the 4.0L...). The '11 on up 3.7L boasts 305 crank HP but doesn't have the torque the 4.6L has so a stock 4.6L whoops a stock 3.7L. Also, that 3.7L doesn't develop much of it's power until it's high in the RPM range.

Depending on how you're driving the 4.6L you can average about 22 MPG in mixed driving even with getting on it occasionally.

Googleme 09-01-2013 04:27 PM

mmm i see. Engine tuning is a concept i dont know anything about yet. Tried to google it but nothing really comes up...apparently you can up your HP just by getting the engine tuned up? dont quite get that.

that info was helpful so i think i will follow your advice. My display says im getting like 13 mpg lol but i shift around 2.5 or 3...i hear shifting at 2k or below is bad...for example being in 4th gear at 1.5k and 40mph is rough on the engine? so many people dont know what theyre talking about its hard to know who to listen to lol.

Anyways thanks man

EDIT: looking at your sig i think ill for sure follow your advice lol looks like its coming from experience

808muscle 09-01-2013 06:54 PM

Damage to your baby always sucks. It will get fixed and she will be better than ever. Dont put yourself into debt while in college, enjoy what you have. There will always be lucky sperm club motherf**kers in life. Most of us have to earn our cash by working for it, screw those other asswipes. Hawaii is full of trust funders.

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