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Front page SPOT! Sweet!
I like telling everyone that I DIDN'T start out looking for a 1978 Mustang II. In fact a Mustang II NEVER crossed my mind as being on my "wish list" because quite frankly, and I hate to say this, but who really wants one? I didn't at the time of my search. But I accidently stumbled across this one and was floored at how well it had been maintained over the years. It wasn't showroom but there were no patch panels, no bondo, no dents and straight as an arrow and the paint was in very good shape. It already had a gone through the V8 conversion - it was originally a 4 banger - but the motor was toasted and the more I looked at it the more I realized that I could turn the car into one hell of shocker with a stout 302 in it. At roughly 2600 lbs, she launches a ton and that's with 3.00 gears in it. It's a challenge to keep it from blowing the tires off of the rims! It's a fun car. Handles beautifully. And as 77 already mentioned, a LOT of those old II's were RAPED by the Chevy fanatics for the front end handling package. Just look at how many Hot Rods have the MII steering guts under them. So although they weren't initially designed a Muscle Car in the true Mustang sense, I absolutely love mine. It's a great little car, fun to drive and draws a huge crowd. About once a month I have a tire kicker knocking on my front door, wanting to know if I'd be interested in selling her....I usually just smile and give them some crazy *** way out there price. They don't stay around long after that! At this point, I don't ever have any intentions of letting her go. I have a lot of future plans for it, might even see a supercharger crammed in it at a later date!
Great article! Thank you for sharing the history. They may not of been the Muscle but they effectively kept the namesake alive and for that all Mustang lovers should be thankful!
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