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Default I'll take you! :P

Originally Posted by ASHY2CLASSY View Post
YES. I have crossed paths with many owners of the Camaro SS and the GLORIOUS V6, i am not the type to provoke (I keep it on the track) But they remind me of a corvette owner, they treat a machine made to torch the pavement like its made of glass. plus they are making too large of a monthly payment to afford go fast parts. ( compare the prices your self, even against the 10 GT )Im happy with my 05 its payed off, respectable brand parts are cheap, and I drive it like i stole it EVERY weekend. Still trying to get them on the local track, their too scared to even run it for fun.
Hey, if i could meet you on a track, i would take you on, but given the fact that i now drive a '95 stang with a 3.8 L V6 you could probley blow me away, but it would still be fun
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