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If the 5.0 is all true, I think it will be awesome but, they need to give us 10 Mustang buyers a power upgrade almost like a service bullitin!!! So we dont feel as cheated! And Daniel I am also one to not provoke but, a local guy here has a Yellow Camaro SS Stock as far as I know and a Manual Tranny. I still have my stock gears in my auto and only a brenspeed tune and boomtubes. And he got the jump on me because I was not expecting him to nail it, we where at a roll of 30MPH and he took off so I punched it and caught up and was only 1 car length behind him! So I say you could take a camaro SS auto no prob and even a manual stock car! Let us know if you have any run in's with the bowtie boys! I like the camaro but to much$$$ for my likes!

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