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I made 474 rwhp and 434 rwtq with an eforce 3.5 pulley, kooks, and detroit rocker cams on the stock bottom end. I never dyno'ed her with the 3.25. The 3.25 made me too nervous so I didn't run it very long.
I would not even chance the 3.0 pulley with the stock rods.

Not really a comparison - I do not have a stock bottom end anymore (plus I added 45 cid & ported FRPP Stage 1 heads) but I picked up around 100 rwhp & 150 rwtq using a 2.75 pulley (and still on the edelbrock 41lb inj).
2009 GT Coupe - Daily Driver
Brenspeed B326
FRPP Stage 1 ported heads
E-Force /2.75 Pulley - IW 18% OD Balancer
ID 725 Injectors
Comp Cams 127450's
GT500 Dual Fuel Pumps w/ dual VMP boosters
Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator
AFCO Heat Exchanger w/ fans
Dad's Intercooler tank
Kooks 1 5/8 Headers, Green Cats, H-pipe
PI 3200 rpm Converter
3.73 Gears
Dynotech Aluminum Driveshaft
Strange Adj. Struts and Shocks
GT500 Brembo Brakes & BAER 14 Rotors

DYNOJET: 633 rwhp/623 rwtq (4/2/14)

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