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Default 3.90 gearing?

My recently purchased 2004 Mustang GT has the Tremec 3650 5-speed manual transmission and 3.27:1 rear end ratio. I don't plan on doing extensive engine modifications to add BIG horsepower --- only basic intake/exhaust mods and tuning to maximize the stock engine.

I will definitely be changing the final gearing --- the 3.27 gears have GOT to go!! From the research I've done, it seems like the 3.73 gears would be OK and the 4.10 gears might be a bit too much?? I'm thinking that 3.90 gears would be the "perfect" compromise.

So.... just curious ---- is anyone running 3.90 gears on a car like mine? Looking for any info I can get from those that have "been there, done that" before I spend $$$ on a set of gears/installation.
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