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Cool What the F$$$ is in that Mazda?

Hey guys,

I'm the guy that had a run in with a new Dodge Challenger RT a couple weeks ago and spanked his hieney. Well this afternoon a young college kid with a UCLA parking pass hanging from his rear view mirror wanted to run me. He had a Mazda hatchback, a newer model but I'm not sure what model. A 3? Well anyway, we ran twice. First time from a dig and I missed third with the crappy stock shifter. This mother fudge cake lit me up and all I heard was a swooshing sound everytime he shifted. The second run, I banged the gears precisely but this little Mazda was was only half a cars length behind me the whole god damn time. WTF? We only ran up to about 70mph and I was pulling the longer we went. The question is, what the hell do these little cars have in them. It made me feel like an *** in my big 420HP stock V8. Now I have to go dump money in this S.O.B to kill a Mazda? :-( I was saving $10,000 to either get the 50th anniversary, or if they suck, I would dump that into this car. These young kids though will have me supercharging next month. Damn!
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