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Default New and need advice on a 2001 GT

Right now I have a 2005 mustang 4.0 V6. It's a really pretty car. I have 12' black stripes, window louvers, side scoops, a hood scoop (GT replica, not some cheesy one) GT wheels, GT500 spoiler, etc, etc.

2 problems, It's a V6 and a auto transmission.

The 2001 GT I'm looking at has 54,000 miles and they want a little over 9000 for it. It's in very good physical shape but I'm more worried about the internals.

My parents can't seem to understand why I would want to trade a newer mustang for a older one. My mom HATES that its a V8 and my dad doesn't care for the new edge style.

Now, I know it has low miles. My current mustang has a little over 100,000 so the new mustang is much lower. But does how old the car is effect it that much? Surely Ford makes the V8's stronger than the paper thin V6's and I should be ok right? I also know (or have heard I should say) that manuals are built stronger than auto's because they factor in human error.

I know you guys can't make a real accurate prediction based on the information but would you do it if you had the chance? I really want a manual GT and the new edge mustangs look sick. This one is black with a chin spoiler and deep dish bullitt wheels.

It was so much more enjoyable to drive than my V6 too. I also really want to learn how to drive a manual well. I can drive this beast now but 1st gear isn't real pretty, ya know what I mean?

So the bottomline is it ran and drove well for me but I'm just really nervous about buying a car that old if it's going to have a lot of problems. I'm also pretty attached to my V6.. What have your experiences with these models of mustangs been?

Thanks for helping me out guys. Cool website too by the way. I wish I had known about this before!
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