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Originally Posted by DocSnickers View Post
It's the whole power to weight ratio's of those lighter cars. Muscle cars are just to heavy to compete on none supercharged scale. Bet you could take him in a road course though.
3281lbs for the Mazda isn't exactly a featherweight though... he would still have to make near what you do to keep up. (if everything else was equal of course...) Hell that's only 100lbs lighter than my car is.... add in a heavy driver (or a passenger) and it's over. lol

Originally Posted by Derf00 View Post
Nnnoooo, I don't think so...

It's all about Power to weight ratio and handling dynamics on a road coarse. A Stock mustang suffers from severe oversteer (tail wagging) and on a road coarse that will kill you. A stock Mazda 3 handles pretty nicely out of the box.
A stock mustang GT would destroy a Mazda Speed 3 on a road coarse. Parking lot full of cones is always going to go to the lighter,nimbler car (though FWD probably is going to pitch that contest in favor to the mustang as well) Have you missed all the reviews where the GT is putting down fantastic times and competing with cars like the M3?

Nice quote from the article regarding the BMW M3 and Mustang GT...

"Another surprise was the BMW understeers more. A lot more,"
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