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Default Lame-O 2011 Premium Vs. 2013 Deluxe Thread

I've got a line on a couple possible GT's to trade up to. One is a 2011 Grabber in premium. The other is a '13 GHIG in deluxe with the interior upgrade option (Silver on dash/steering wheel, still cloth seats...just like my 06)

The '13 has lower miles and is obviously a few thousand more. I love both colors. The '13 by far has the better *** and possibly the better front end. I like that the '11 has Sync and the leather gives it a slight bump.

I *might* be buying one of these cars as soon as Tuesday. I haven't seen either in person yet, so that could change things.

Based on options and a few thousand dollars price difference, what do you guys think? Is the premium option set and price drop enough to overcome those dead sexy tail lights?
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